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Evelina Roos 




Hey beautiful, happy to find you here!


I am Evelina and I help you find your inner strength.

Your unique flair and flavour that so often gets quieted down in order to fit in, and live up to family, friends, and society's expectations of what it means to be a woman.


Let me ask you a question, What do you want? Do you know? Great, let's work towards your goal.


For others, we might have to do what I call treasure hunting. Let's start with what makes you happy and raises your vibe, from there we can expand into all other areas of life.


I strongly believe that you have to be grounded in your truth and know what you want and what you don't want. This is not always easy.


We say yes when we should say no, ignoring that small voice inside. I help you listen to that voice, and together we will find a way for it to be sounding loud and clear.

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What others say


Evelina has had a genuine interest in finding new ways to find sustainable work opportunities. She has helped me think in different ways to succeed.

Together, we have come up with very good strategies to work towards the goals we sat up together. With Evelina by your side, you will succeed.


Evelina is a woman who inspires confidence at the first conversation. What is special about her is her empathy, commitment and sensitivity.

She encourages and supports, but at the same time dares to ask the hard questions and nudges you forward to finding your own truth.


I have a lot to thank Evelina for. Evelina has helped me take the next step in my career. This resulted in me getting a job I am very content with. I recommend Evelina to everyone out there who need a career coach that is encouraging and supportive.


I turned to Evelina when I was writing my first book. Over the course of a year, she gave me support and advice and was a strong contributor to it becoming a book at all. I can certainly recommend her to anyone who needs professional and committed support for their project.


Evelina listened very well and was never judgmental, suggesting tools that could be implemented in everyday life. Great goal setting techniques and pep!


Thank you so much for all your help and support! I would never have been able to wish for a better coach than you. You knew exactly what I needed and gave me that "little" extra through various exercises, coaching and reflection.


I can warmly recommend Evelina as a coach. She has a wonderful commitment and a nice presence. I have received several tools that I can use in my everyday life.


I have never gone to a coach before and it felt safe with Evelina, who can support and guide one to understand one's thought patterns.

The coolest thing for me is that I have gained insights about myself and understand more how I act in certain situations that I did not connect before.

Evelina is calm and confident, and gives concrete tips to use in everyday life.

About me

During the time I was training to be a yoga teacher, I noticed that what I found most enjoyable was encouraging people. Come on, you can do it! - was my attitude whether it was guiding more advanced yoga movements or calming the mind during meditation.


Being there, present in the moment, being helpful, and making people grow has always been important to me.


Since then, I have learned how the brain works and immersed myself in coaching conversations, mental training, cognitive behavioural therapy, attachment, and schema therapy. These days I can call myself a certified holistic life coach, NLP practitioner, and hypnotist.


Regardless of whether I work with the mind or the body

Self-reliance, Self-love, and Self-strength (= empowerment)

run like a red thread through everything I do.


Naturally curious, I have always been asking questions. I want to know what drives and motivates people to do what they do (and do not do). I love to dig deeper.

I am passionate about people and

getting to know the why behind the what.

Prior to life coaching, I was a professional actress, burlesque performer, copywriter, marketing manager, and yoga and meditation teacher. I draw from all previous experiences when working with clients or developing new concepts.


Born and raised in Sweden, the one consistent in my life is change. I am curious and love to learn and try out new things. Travelling and discovering new people and places is a big part of my life. I have lived in five countries and so has my darling rescue dog Ossi. Currently, I am based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Are you ready for empowerment?


Empowerment is the inner strength and will to consciously create the life you desire.


From becoming more focused and goal-oriented to taking better care of yourself. Creating healthy routines, rituals and habits that strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.


It’s an attitude, a mindset and a damn good feeling!

Together we find the best tools for you to create a life on your terms.


Empowerment is feminine power, courage, and self-compassion!

Contact Evelina

Thanks for getting in touch!

Sailing in Sea
The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. 
Eleanor Roosevelt
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